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Game what you want, when you want

The Game Unplugged app enables the Player to find the perfect gaming session. Your time is precious; make the most of your gaming by playing the right game, with the right players, at the right time and location!

Your time is valuable. Have you:
• Gone to a gaming event/Meetup only to play a bunch of games you weren’t that interested in?
• Played a game where you were looking for more competition/wanted to test yourself? Or you were out of your league as a newbie against experienced players?!
• Tried to land a pickup game with little success or had to wait a long time to find someone to play?
• Wanted to learn a new game by playing with experienced players who were willing to teach you the ropes?
• Had trouble finding others to play games around your busy / irregular schedule?

We’ve been there. It’s frustrating sometimes. And gaming shouldn’t be a pain. We are striving to help gamers maximize their gaming enjoyment, but matching likeminded players as seamlessly as possible.

Become a charter gamer!  Download the app, try it out and tell us what you think!

App features

1. Search for a game session near you

Search by game name from massive game library or search by distance or date regardless of game title to see what’s being played when you’re available!

2. or.. Create your own Game Session!

Choose the game you want to play from the game library (for our community of gamers, the game session creator should have a copy of the game to play).  Choose date, time, # of players and location to finalize your session.  Players can now search and join your session!

3. Manage your Game Sessions

Quickly manage what game events you’ve created and how many players have signed up.  View game sessions you are having: past, present and future.

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