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About Us


The guys behind GameUnplugged are 3 avid gamers who wish they had more time to play!  We are all busy professionals (have to pay the bills after all!) and feel the frustration around wanting to play more games when our schedules permit.  Also, we live thousands of miles apart!  Austin, Texas and Raleigh, North Carolina to be exact! 

This app idea came about after airing our frustrations – ‘No one here wants to play Gloomhaven’ and ‘I have games I bought but never play’  We’re hoping with this app players can set up or join the specific gaming session they want, when they want it.  

We’re all busy – so make the most of your time!  We sure hope to.  See you at the gaming table!

Gaurav, Memo and Mike



Life is short. Get your gaming in!

Try out our beta app and give us feedback with our 5 question survey!